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The art and science of marinating meat products is the greatest
success story of the last decade. A processor can take the same raw
material such as a center cut boneless loin chop and create limitless
variations in flavor. Marinades are a simple and tasty method to
expand product lines. A.C. Legg Inc. has over 20 marinades that start
with a basic natural enhancement and travels around the world with
flavors from all corners of the globe. The benefits to using Old
Plantation Marinades include variety, increased juiciness, and dollar
value added to Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Seafood and Wild Game.
Marinade Manufacturing
The first factor to consider is how much percentage pickup to achieve.
Old Plantation Marinades work excellently in the 8.00% to 20.00% range.
Review the simple formulas listed below for calculating percentage pickup.
25.00 pounds of meat at 10% pickup = 27.50 Pounds
25.00 pounds of meat at 15% pickup = 28.75 Pounds
The marinade is the difference from the green weight of the meat to
the finished marinated weight.
In the case of 10% pickup that weight is 2.50 pounds or 40.00
ounces. Subtract the weight of any Old Plantation Marinade from the
total marinated weight and that value is the amount of added water.
For example:
Old Plantation #121 Lemon Pepper Marinade weighs 7.50 ounces.
For 10% pickup:
40.00 Ounces — 7.50 Ounces = 32.50 Ounces Water
For 15% pickup:
60.00 Ounces — 7.50 Ounces = 52.50 Ounces Water
Subtract the weight of any Old Plantation Marinade from the total
non-meat ingredients, pickup weight and the difference is the amount
of water to add.
Vacuum Tumbled Marinades
Vacuum tumbling marinades into raw materials is
the most efficient way to achieve percentage pickup.
For 10% pickup = 40.00 Ounces
Listed below is an example for vacuum tumbling at 10%.
25.00 Pounds Meat
24.50 Ounces Water
15.50 Ounces 1 Bag Old Plantation #153 Bold Teriyaki Marinade
Mix marinade with water, add to 25.00 pounds of meat in the
vacuum tumbler. Seal the tumbler and pull a vacuum to 25 sq inches
Hg. Tumble at 6 to 8 rpms for twenty minutes.
This procedure will work for various percentage pickups and all Old
Plantation Marinades by simply adjusting the added water.
Static Marinades
Success can still be easily achieved without the use of a vacuum
tumbler. It will be necessary to use additional water to adequately
cover the meat.
Place 25.00 pounds of meat into a holding container. Mix 1 bag of Old
Plantation Marinade with 48.00 ounces of water. Pour into meat and
mix until adequately distributed. Place in refrigeration for a minimum
of 4 hours and up to 24 hours before cooking or packaging.
Tips for Perfection
1) Replace the water with fruit juices, vegetables juices, honey,
molasses, soy sauce or any liquid that will further impact the flavor.
Always chill water and other liquids to below 40 degrees Farenheit
when possible.
2) Combine portions of several marinades to create a complex and
exciting flavor profile.
3) Add 1.00 to 2.00 ounces of ground red pepper to the Old
Plantation Marinade to make a hotter version of the flavor profile.
4) Add parsley flakes, or any whole herb to enhance the overall
appearance of the finished product.