There are different forms of sugar.    


The most common is Cane Sugar. Cane is what we normally call table sugar. It is not widely used in sausage because it has a tendency to burn or scorch. Dextrose and brown sugar are used in most brines. Brown and Maple Sugars are sometimes used in meat because of its flavor. The most common sugar used in meat and brines is dextrose.     


Dextrose is corn sugar and it will not burn as easily as cane or beet sugar. Dextrose is only about 70% as sweet as cane sugar and quite a bit heavier which helps it to mix better. Helps reduce nitrate to nitrite as meats are cured. When a recipe calls for cane sugar you can replace it with dextrose by adding 20-30% more dextrose than cane sugar due to the sweetness factor between cane sugar and dextrose.     


Dextrose is used to counteract salt in brines. Dextrose assists in fermentation which gives us the desired tang of flavor.     


Use 1-1/2 Lb. per 5 Gal. liquid brine or 1/2 To 1 Cup Per 10 Lb. of Meat.