HOW TO Cured, Smoked, and Fully Cooked Sausage

Cured, Smoked, and Fully Cooked Sausage products can be as simple
as further processing your fresh sausages with the instructions listed
below. To optimize the finished product it is suggested to use one of
the many Old Plantation blends formulated for perfection of these
flavors. There are functional ingredients included in these blends to
assist in making the best possible meat product. The Old Plantation
line of Cured, Smoked, and Fully Cooked Sausages include Smoked
Sausage, Smoked Polish, and Bologna and Frank flavor profiles.
To manufacture a Cured, Smoked and Fully Cooked meat product using one
bag of Old Plantation Seasoning the following procedure is recommended:
25.00 Pounds Pork
2.50 Pounds Water
1 Bag Old Plantation Seasoning
1.00 Ounce Legg Cure (6.25% Sodium Nitrite)
Coarse grind the meat through a 1 inch plate. Mix the water,
seasoning, and curing salt together and add to the meat block.
Mix approximately 5 minutes (until the meat is tacky) and fine
grind through a 3/16 inch plate. Stuff into edible casings and
thermally process.
Tips for Perfection
In addition to the suggested tips in the Fresh Sausage section, also
consider the following:
1) Do not exceed 30% fat in a cooked sausage.
2) Darker meats such as beef and venison will result in a richer
color [due to the curing reaction) in the finished product.
3) Reducing the grind size or multiple grinds will affect the
finished product texture and color.