Fresh Sausage Manufacturing
The manufacturing instructions listed below can be used for all of
the Fresh Old Plantation Sausage blends. These include all Breakfast
Sausage blends as well as the Italian, Bratwurst, Polish, Chorizo,
Maple, Cajun, and Hot Link varieties.
To manufacture a fresh meat product using one bag of Old Plantation
Seasoning the following procedure is recommended:
25.00 Pounds Pork
12.00 Ounces Water
1 Bag Old Plantation Seasoning
Coarse grind the meat through a 1/2 inch plate.
Add the water and seasoning and mix for 3 to 5
minutes. Fine grind the seasoned meat through a 3/16 inch plate.
Form into patties, stuff into chubs or links. Refrigerate or freeze.
Tips for Perfection
I) Beef, Pork, Poultry, or Venison may be substituted or used in
combination to provide variety.
2) Fat level should be at least 20% and not to exceed 35% to
achieve optimum results.
3) When utilizing venison, the rule of thumb is 22.00 pounds of
lean venison in combination with 3 pounds of fat pork.
4) Mix the seasoning and water together before adding to the meat
block. This will provide for a more even distribution of the nonmeat
5) Add 1.00 to 2.00 ounces of ground red pepper to create a spicy
version of the blend.
6) Add 2.00 ounces of sugar to create a sweet version of the flavor
7) Three percent water is allowed in fresh sausages. Water helps to
distribute the ingredients and contributes to the juiciness and
mouthfeel of the cooked finished product.