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Old Plantation #10

Posted by Sausage Maker Supplies on 7th May 2016

Old Plantation #10 Pork Sausage Seasoning is the blend that A C Legg has built its reputation on since 1923. Many customers use this blend to season Holiday dressing. The blend is also used for manufacturing souse and headcheese. Another alternative is to add an additional 1.50 ounces of salt, 2.00 ounces of sugar, 1.00 ounce of Legg Cure 6.25% Sodium Nitrite, 10.00% water per 25 pounds of meat and manufacture an excellent smoked sausage. Other processors use this blend as a rub for pork shoulders. Keep in mind that A C Legg also offers Old Plantation® Blend 107 Barbecue Rub and Old Plantation® Blend 136 Brown Sugar Sweet Barbecue Rub, excellent for all barbecuing applications